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2013 promised Cor-Wheys possibly coming soon, Cellucor listing chocolate chip and s’mores

Cellucor listing two new Cor-Whey flavors on their website

The latest bit of news on Cellucor today actually comes from a long time fan of ours, who pointed out what could be the next few flavors for the People’s Protein Cor Whey. Currently listed on the brand’s website alongside their recently released exclusives, cor fetti, red velvet and mint chocolate chip, are chocolate chip cookie dough and s’mores. While the two tastes marked as out of stock may be new to some, they have in fact been a long time coming as Cellucor did promise both flavors for Cor-Whey late last year. That being said after the brand launched mint chocolate chip Cor-Whey, an option not mentioned in last year’s announcement. We were beginning to think the remaining three from the confirmed five were never actually going to make it. Now with chocolate chip cookie dough and s’mores at least spotted in writing, suggesting that they are on their way. Our faith has been restored leaving just one taste left without an update, white chocolate mocha.

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