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Cannibal Alpha, Claw and Davinci giveaway, Chaos and Pain’s upcoming three up for grabs

Chaos and Pain giving away Cannibal Claw, Alpha and Davinci before release

Since early March Chaos and Pain have been talking on and off about their three upcoming supplements, that are expected to double the size of their range. The small group of products is made up of Cannibal Alpha, Cannibal Claw and the only one of the three yet to be detailed Cannibal Davinci. While no additional bits of information have been released about any of the formulas. Chaos and Pain are looking to give a few lucky fans a chance to try the supplements before they go on sale. All you have to do to get yourself in the draw is share the brand’s competition post on their Facebook page, and if you haven’t already. Sign up to Chaos and Pain’s newsletter, and you’re good to go. There have yet to be any cut off or selection dates set for the early bird opportunity. However seeing as there are products up for grabs, with a shot and trying Cannibal Alpha, Claw and Davinci roughly two weeks before they hit shelves. It would be in your best interest to enter the promotion as soon as you can.

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