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Discount on supplements for social sharing, Dymatize’s new Dyma-Coin Rewards Program

Dymatize Nutrition's Dyma-Coin Rewards Program

Dymatize Nutrition have launched a new program to help give back to those fans that show a little more support than others. It is called the the Dyma-Coin Rewards Program, a system that has been set up so that

loyal followers can get discount on supplements for sharing through their social networks. The way it works is you get 40 points for simply registering for the program, one point per dollar you spend at Dymatize’s direct store, and 20 points for sharing through Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. When you accumulate more than 1,000 points you can choose to put your total amount of Dyma-Coins towards a purchase from the brand’s official website. Each point you earn is worth one cent, so the minimum spend of 1,000 will essentially give you $10 off a direct order. For more information on the rewards program check out Dymatize’s website, where you can also sign up in the accounts section.

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