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Stack3d @ the 2014 FileX, Green Tea X50 very simple weight loss supplement

Stack3d at the FileX with simple supplement Green Tea X50

Green Tea X50 is one of the many supplements on display at the Flush Fitness house here today at the Melbourne FileX. The name of the brand behind the product isn’t made clear, the supplement however reveals all in it’s title. The formula essentially relies on a handful of ingredients but mainly green tea, promoted to deliver the same amount of green tea in one serving as 20 cups of regular green tea. While we do feel X50 makes a lot of promises for green tea, resveratrol, and l-theanine, the product has quite a few variants pictured with a premixed bottle and can. As well as a 60 sachet box set which is the only one on show here at the FileX in chocolate, tropical, raspberry, a slightly cheaper original, and a variety starter box featuring 10 of each taste minus chocolate. Whoever the company is behind Green Tea X50, they do have a second supplement called Skinny Protein, however you won’t find it on the website promoted for the basic Green Tea formula.

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