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Six month late line hits Nutrition Express, Gear taking over Europe with five different formulas

Gear Nutra move into Nutrition Express and show off their European line

While Gear Nutraceuticals got a relatively rough start in the market with a launch delay of more than six months, the controversial brand are looking to make up ground quickly. They recently released their line in the Vitamin Shoppe, then updated their website with what we’ve all been waiting for. And now to keep things moving Gear have landed yet another stockist, Nutrition Express. Surprisingly enough it doesn’t end there as news has also surfaced of two supplements showing up on shelves, outside of the launched three and previewed Thermo-G and Sleep2Gro. The products are Amino Shock and Crea Shock, which unfortunately aren’t expected to be hitting US shelves anytime soon. As they are a part of Gear’s European range which also consists of Whey Shock, Mass Shock and a modified Pre Shock. For more information on the five products you will need to visit Gear’s Polish website. However as mentioned they are all European formulas, so don’t go looking for them on American shelves.

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