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Deep sleep formula Sleep2Gro uploaded, Gear Nutra update their uninformative website

Gear update their website with details on all their supplements and Sleep2Gro

With the long awaited, and at sometimes never expected arrival of the Gear Nutraceuticals supplement line. The brand have teamed up their Vitamin Shoppe launch with a complete and much needed website update. Gear’s online presence now features a greatly improved highly graphical theme, more detailed athlete’s section, and something the brand’s last site was without, dedicated product pages. The much appreciated supplement section upgrade not only sees Gear list every little piece of information for each of their products. But it also lists a fifth product alongside Pre Shock, E-Shock, Maxx Shock, and the upcoming Thermo-G, a deep sleep formula titled Sleep2Gro. There has yet to be anything uploaded for the presumed sleep aid supplement. However with everything else Gear have included in their online update and Vitamin Shoppe availability, patient fans aren’t going to be short on excitement.

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