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Alternate Hydra 6 due to arrive this Monday, Grenade’s protein given a different look and taste for Europe

Grenade preview the European edition of their protein powder Hydra 6

When Grenade announced their first protein powder Hydra 6, they also confirmed the coming of a European version of the supplement. It was certain that the product would initially launch in it’s exclusive America retailer, which it did yesterday with a strong introductory offer. Then go on to shelves across Europe with what was expected to be some sort of an alternate edition. As it turns out Grenade’s latest is due to hit the area sooner rather than later. With set to release Hydra 6 as a limited time online exclusive in Europe this coming Monday. News of the launch has also brought with it details of just how different the region’s protein powder is going to be, compared to the US version. Surprisingly all that separates the two is their packaging, with European fans getting a bottled supplement instead of a bagged. The formulas are indeed identical, however it is worth mentioning that despite the four flavors all having the same names they have been tweaked slightly to the liking of each area’s audience. The only other detail left to be revealed is value. Something we should see when Grenade’s Hydra 6 hits Europe next week, just 7 days after it became available in America.

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