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Andro-5A available for pre-order with no ETA, Lecheek’s latest supplement all but launched

Lecheek introduce, giveaway, and put up for pre-order their latest Andro-5A

Without any sort of teaser or preview, today Lecheek Nutrition have done it all but launch their latest supplement Andro-5A. The product comes under the muscle building category, looking to deliver in three main areas as seen in the image above, increase strength, enhance natural hormones, and improve muscle endurance. To help it achieve it’s desired effects, Lecheek have packed Andro-5A with two ingredients, 5a-hydroxy-laxogenin and 1-androstene-3b-ol 17-one. While usually details are all we have, as mentioned today Lecheek have done all but launch the supplement. As Andro-5A has already been put online for pre-order through one of the brand’s stockist Orbit Nutrition, and is also up for grabs through Lecheek’s Facebook page in a giveaway. The next stage is of course the release of the product, however even with the pre-order opportunity there is no date for when Andro-5A will be available.

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