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Third Micro Batch individual CLA Powder, MAN latest launched as an exclusive to 1%ers

MAN Sports confirm their third individual ingredient supplement CLA Powder

After all the teasers and covered images MAN Sports have released their third Micro Batch individual supplement, CLA Powder. While we along with probably a few others thought for sure it was going to be a creatine, the brand have come through with a rarity in the industry. The product is as previously confirmed an unflavored formula featuring 100 servings per tub, with it’s title ingredient conveniently dosed at 1,000mg a scoop. Unfortunately when we said that MAN’s CLA Powder has been released, we were referring to it’s 1%er’s club launch. If of course you are not signed up to the insiders group, you will have missed out on the brand’s impressive introductory deal of two tubs, a 3-in-1 shaker, and free shipping. For those non-1%ers the good news is we don’t expect the supplement to be too far away from stores. With a price that doesn’t look to be consistent with the other Micro Batch individuals, estimated to be sitting somewhere above $25.

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