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MAN tease their next individual, Glutamine Peptides followed by 100 serving supplement

MAN Sports next Micro Batch supplement looking like a creatine

Back when MAN Sports released their second Micro Batch individual supplement Glutamine Peptides, with the first product being Fermented Leucine. The brand mentioned that they had a third one in the works. While we still don’t have any confirmation of just what number three is going to be, MAN have uploaded a teaser image giving away a few details. The title of the supplement in the picture has been covered, however you can see the convenient unflavored taste, and what looks to be 100 servings. As mentioned nothing has been confirmed, but we are going to put our guess down as a creatine. The main reason being that official total of 100 servings, as MAN’s Glutamine Peptides and Fermented Leucine are both 50 serving products, that in most stores are valued identically. With that in mind we feel MAN are going to want to keep things evenly priced, and with 100 servings there are very few ingredients that could deliver that amount of value inside a retail price of $15.

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