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Core Series Casein dropped from website, Muscle Pharm’s other protein powder missing

Muscle Pharm no longer listing Core Series Casein online

While most of the time it is all about what’s new and different with a supplement company. On the odd occasion it can be about what’s missing, which is the case for our story today. The brand we’re putting the spotlight on is Muscle Pharm, who have removed the Core Series Casein from their website. There aren’t any retailers appearing with the product as out of stock, so the disappearance does leave us wondering. The online removal could mean a rebranding or renaming, however in the past Muscle Pharm have dealt with transformations like that almost instantly. We will try and reach out to the Athlete’s Company to see what’s up, but for now feel free to check out the Muscle Pharm mystery for yourself on the brand’s website.

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