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Rhino 2.0 formula revealed at level 1, Muscle Sport preview suggests future rebranding

Muscle Sport reveal the formula behind Rhino Revolution 2.0

While we don’t know if Muscle Sport hit their expected 500 subscribers or not. The brand have moved to level 1 of unveiling for Rhino Revolution 2.0. The first part of the reveal shows off the pre-workout’s all orange theme, making it more likely than ever that Muscle Sport do have a relabeling job in the near future. The second and only other piece of information the Rhino unveiling has brought, is the supplement’s always important facts panel. The official label confirms a total of 11 ingredients with three transparently dosed features, CarnoSyn beta-alanine at 1.6g, methylxanthine at 325mg, and a 500mg choline complex listed as bitrate and CDP choline. As for the eight others Muscle Sport have gone with the trending AMP citrate, pterostilbene, higenamine, tauric acid, niacin, agmatine sulfate, halostachine, and the SuperPump 3.0 highlight Nitrosigine inositol arginine silicate. Currently there is just one flavor confirmed for Rhino 2.0 in key lime pie, which we do feel is likely to be joined by more on release. There has yet to be a level 2 number of subscribers set for Muscle Sport’s Rhino 2.0 build up. However to make the lead in to launch that much more exciting, if a subscription goal is allocated. The only reward better than what they have launched today would have to be sample or full 30 serving tub giveaways.

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