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Pre-ordering now open for Rhino 2.0, early birds getting 30% off Muscle Sport sequel

Muscle Sport now taking pre-orders for their pre-workout Rhino 2.0

Muscle Sport have moved to the second level of unveiling for their upcoming sequel Rhino Revolution 2.0. The brand’s new and improved pre-workout recently saw an update bring it’s facts to light, revealing an 11 ingredient formula. Today’s development sees a suitable follow up for the supplement, with Rhino 2.0 pre-ordering. Muscle Sport have now uploaded the product to their website for $49.99, and to encourage those interested to take advantage of the offer. The brand have also put together the coupon code ‘RHINO2’. Which will in fact discount the supplement to $34.99, and if you get your tub secured by this Monday, Muscle Sport will also throw in a Rhino Mode wristband and samples. While recently the place to go has been the product’s launch page. To put your money down for a full size tub of the supplement, you will need to visit the brand’s own website. The pre-release sale is definitely a big move by Muscle Sport, however we do still have just under 12 days before Rhino 2.0 becomes available. Leaving plenty of time for those sample giveaways we feel are right around the corner.

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