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Sometimes it’s all about the little things, Muscle Sport modify their serving system

Muscle Sport upgrade to their new helpful ladle scoop

Sometimes it is about the little things, and in a market as competitive as the supplement industry, the little things can sometimes be what sets you apart from the rest. This is something that can be seen in the latest development coming out of Muscle Sport. While a lot of attention is on their upcoming pre-workout Rhino Revolution 2.0. The brand have revealed a change in production, not just for their sequel product but for every powder here on out. The update has gone to the sometimes forgotten scoop, with a ladle modification turning an ordinary inclusion into a modern pouring accessory. As you can see in the image above Muscle Sport have attached a lip to their scoop, to aid in the serving of their powder formulas. It’s not of course going to increase the effectiveness of any supplement, although as mentioned the little things do go a long way.

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