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Essential Series whey protein powders released, Muscletech’s latest launched at

Muscletech launch two of their Essential Series protein powders

Muscletech have officially launched two of their first Essential Series products previewed, the Platinum protein powders 100% ISO-Whey and 100% Whey. The two have arrived in all the variants promised, with four flavors and two sizes each. The release of the supplements has of course brought the prices of the formulas to light. Confirming ISO-Whey’s value at $28 for it’s 26 serving (25g protein) 1.78lb tub, and $49 for it’s double size 48 serving 3.34lb tub. As for the Essential Series Whey, Muscletech have set it’s 27 serving (24g protein) 2lb tub at $29, and the much larger 67 serving 5lb tub at a relatively competitive $50. For those interested in getting a hold of the latest from Muscletech, is the first and from what we can see only place stocking Platinum 100% ISO-Whey and Platinum 100% Whey. There is no word on whether or not other retailers are set to get the products anytime soon. But it wouldn’t be too surprising if were the only ones with the supplements for a while.

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