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Platinum protein competition getting heavy, four Muscletech Essentials hit Netrition

Muscletech Platinum proteins hit Netrition with four other Essential Series supplements

As the week’s gone by, more and more nutrition retailers have shown up with Muscletech’s Essential Series Platinum protein powders. With one of the most competitive stores now stocking Platinum 100% Casein, Iso-Whey and Whey being Netrition. Previously held the record for best value, and they do still for some of the supplements. However in the area of 100% Platinum Whey, in particular the 5lb 67 serving variant. Netrition have jumped to the front of the field with a price tag of $42.99 for all five of the product’s flavors. To make the store’s Essential Series offerings even more attractive, Netrition is also the first one to be listing non-protein supplements from the line. With the equally competitive priced Platinum 100% Carnitine and Glutamine, as well as Platinum Pure CLA and Krill Oil. Unfortunately for competitors, are still running their buy one get one 50% off Platinum proteins promotion. Although if you are after just the one tub and interested in making your purchase an Essential Series stack, Netrition may work out to be the better visit.

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