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Nuclear X review sees good energy but that’s it, MET-Rx proves good doses don’t always work

Review of MET-Rx's 2014 pre-workout supplement Nuclear X

Nuclear X is the pre-workout that showed up here and there from MET-Rx over a week or two, and then later moved onto shelves around a month after it first surfaced. When it’s formula was finally revealed we felt it was definitely a supplement worth reviewing, more so when it showed up on with an introductory discount. Basically Nuclear features strong doses of a lot of common ingredients, going from caffeine at 400mg to CarnoSyn beta-alanine at a high 4.8g. While there are a couple of other pre-workouts we have come across recently with contents as heavy as MET-Rx’s product. After putting Nuclear to the test and as you will read in our review today, this supplement has very little in common with other pre-workouts.

We started out using Nuclear at the entry level one scoop, eventually moving to one and a half, then later the maximum of two. Strangely enough on each occasion the product’s effects remained the same. The best way to describe the experience of MET-Rx’s pre-workout is essentially dated. Right from the small serving to the largest, Nuclear feels like that supplement you had a year or so ago. It has a simple straightforward energy kick, which is not to be underestimated but expected with 400mg of caffeine, and that is about it. The power comes in after the usual delay following the drinking of a pre-workout, and generally just makes you feel like you’ve had an energy shot. For some the jitters are definitely a factor, but it is just energy.

Despite MET-Rx’s inclusion of 1g of agmatine, the pump is almost not even noticeable. It borders on that line of it may be pump you’re getting from your own focus and intentions. But if it is the product working it’s magic, the result can easily be achieved without it. You may also get a hint of increased intensity, where recovery and rest is marginally shortened. However we feel it’s only there when you’re looking for it. Basically outside of the pre-workout’s energy, and very vague pump which at times is non-existent. Nuclear doesn’t offer anything else, with two lonely and rather weak effects.

While the supplement isn’t an overly impressive performer, it does have a few things that were a little bit different for us. Firstly it actually tastes pretty good. Flavor isn’t something we care too much about, although when it’s done well especially in a pre-workout it’s greatly appreciated. Our flavor of choice was citrus surge, which is definitely up there as one of the best examples of a citrus zest or sweet orange. Next we have to commend MET-Rx on there long lasting energy. Nuclear’s one and arguably only effect may be quite lonely, and at heavy servings come with a crash. But it does carry on for a substantial amount time, ending somewhere between 60 to 90 minutes.

The last area we would like to touch on is something that kept us from using the product’s maximum dose sooner rather than later, Nuclear’s 4.8g of CarnoSyn. It is definitely the biggest beta-alanine dose we’ve ever had in one go, however for some reason the side effects were not what we expected for almost 5g. In the past we’ve had hits as high as 4g, that saw pins and needles at it’s worst and irritation around the ears. But for whatever reason Nuclear offered only a mild run of tingles that felt a little more like the side effect of 2g.

On paper the supplement looks good with all it’s strong doses. It just seems like MET-Rx may have gone too simple on this one, not going with anything stimulating enough to create an all round experience. It offers energy and at an extremely obvious amount. Although as mentioned that is where Nuclear’s performance ends. The product does do a good job at making it’s one effect last, unfortunately it isn’t enough to compete any of the top or even average formulas in the pre-workout category.

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