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PS Whey arrives as competitive as expected, Pro Supps latest protein available for less than 73 cents a serving

Pro Supps PS Whey price comfirmed as competitive at Tiger Fitness

Last weekend we took a stab at what price we thought Pro Supp’s new mainstream protein powder PS Whey would be launched with. For the 5lb tub we estimated around $55, and for the 10lb bag between 100 to $105. It turns out we weren’t actually too far off, as the supplement is now showing up in stores confirming official prices. For the 68 serving variant, those interested can expect to pay a little under $55, and for the double size 136 serving, quite a bit less than we had guessed at a little under $100. Those prices are based off the current stores listing PS Whey, which if you are wanting to purchase from one. Tiger Fitness appears to be the biggest and best right now, with the 5lb at $53.99 and the 10lb at a very competitive $98.99.

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