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IncrediBulk and PS Whey on their way out, Pro Supps confirm the return of DNPX

Pro Supps launch PS Whey and IncrediBulk and confirm the return of DNPX

Pro Supps have confirmed as mentioned late last week, that their protein powders PS Whey and IncrediBulk are on their way out to stores. To make today even more exciting Pro Supps have revealed that their recently released DNPX teaser, does in fact relate to the resurrection of the once DMAA powered fat burner. While we did already assume that was what the shady image was alluding to. We can confirm that Pro Supps are looking to redeliver the weight loss experience with the same 60 capsule bottle size, and quite possibly the same single capsule serving. Based on how big of a return the supplement is, it should come as no surprise that Pro Supps are looking to keep details on the revitalized DNPX rather quiet. Which unfortunately leaves us with just the product’s picture, no formula information, or dates to look out for.

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