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Internioatnally friendly yohimbless Myo-Blitz XS, Ronnie’s pre-workout modified for outside the US

Ronnie Coleman's Signature Series Myo-Blitz XS goes international

While we have had Ronnie Coleman’s sequel Signature Series pre-workout Myo-Blitz XS, available since late last year. A lot of fans around the world have been stuck with the supplement’s predecessor. It now appears that an international version of the product is making it’s way out to countries in need of an edited formula. On most occasions you would see a handful of ingredients swapped out, however in the case of Myo-Blitz XS. Loyal Ronnie Coleman followers are only going to be missing out on just the one feature, yohimbe extract, which has been removed with nothing taking it’s place. In our experience yohimbeless supplements do perform significantly different compared to untouched originals. Although the inclusion of yohimbe does show you that Ronnie is all about delivering the best. Even if it means having to modify a product for other countries at a later date.

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