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Beta Nitro expected to be followed by many more, SNI looking to get back in the game here in 2014

SNI's return to the industry with a new pre-workout Beta Nitro

SNI, the brand known for their cost effective line of supplements. As well as the record holders for longest time with a website under construction, have finally revealed something new. The last time we saw anything from SNI was probably about a year ago,

regardless they are looking to get back in the game with their fresh new formula Beta Nitro. For now all we know is that it’s a pre-workout, a part of the brand’s Hardcore Series, and will be available in two flavors, fruit punch and citrus burst. While it is understandable if some SNI fans have forgotten about the brand. They are looking to come on strong in 2014 and make up for the time they’ve been away, with Beta Nitro said to be followed by many more new products.

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