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Introducing Shawn Schantz and Supp Talk, the supplement talk radio station and store

Introducing the supplement talk specialists Supp Talk

For those always on the lookout for something new or interesting in the supplement industry, today we would like to introduce you to Supp Talk. If you can’t quite figure out what Supp Talk is about, it’s all in the name. Basically it is a radio show where the host Shawn Schantz does no bull interviews with representatives of some of the best brands in the business. In past talks Schantz has spoken with companies such as MAN Sports, Giant Sports, Genomyx, Purus Labs, and Top Secret. If you are interested in catching up on some of the dated shows, Supp Talk’s YouTube is the place to go to hear all ten episodes. The team over at the supplement station do have a website. However the majority of it is not based around the radio show, but a store stocking all the top brands such as Muscle Pharm, Betancourt, and MuscleMeds. As mentioned you can check out all of Supp Talk’s past shows on YouTube, and if you have any suggestions for guests, or even if you are a guest. The best place to contact Shawn Schantz is on Supp Talk’s website, just ignore the supplements on sale and head straight to the contact page.

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