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4+ Nutrition update flavored BCAA formula, Instant BCAA+ goes Extreme with 8:1:1 ratio

4+ Nutrition name and revealed their sequel supplement Instant Extreme BCAA+

It’s definitely been a while since we’ve seen something from 4+ Nutrition. However the Italian based brand are back with their first supplement reveal since the unveiling of the endurance based 1 2 3 collection. The title of 4+’s upcoming product is Instant Extreme BCAA+, a sequel to the brand’s Instant BCAA+. Basically all that’s been changed for the updated formula is a doubling of the original’s vitamin B1 dose, and an exchange of BCAA ratios going from the common 2:1:1, to the leucine heavy 8:1:1. Everything else has been kept the same right down to the individual weights, with even the total amount of BCAAs still sitting at 5g. As far as flavors go it doesn’t look like the menu is going to be kept the same, with just two tastes confirmed. One carried over from Instant Extreme’s predecessor cola lime, and the other an entirely new option orange. 4+ Nutrition are teasing the updated supplement as coming soon, which unlike most companies should put the product on shelves in the next month or so.

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