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Six new 4D Nutrition supplements detailed, big reveal brings Tribulus 800 preview

4D Nutrition detail six new supplements and preview another

4D Nutrition have finally detailed all their upcoming supplements, releasing everything you need to know about the brand’s six new additions. Starting with 4D’s premixed duo Liquid L-Carnitine 1500 and L-Carnitine Super Shot, the products are just as their titles describe. Carnitine 1500 is a carnitine individual packing 1500mg per serving, with 31 servings per bottle. The Super Shot also lists carnitine, however at twice the amount in it’s one serve, and along with some vitamin B12 and a proprietary blend featuring caffeine and taurine. Next we have the two unsurprising white label individuals, Pro Beta Alanine carrying 1.5g of it’s title ingredient in each of it’s 50 servings, and L-Carnitine 1000 with 1g in each of it’s 90. Lastly we have 4D’s two complex supplements, Hydro Matrix, a 3lb whey protein hydrolysate formula packing 45 24g protein servings. And Amino Matrix, an amino cocktail mixing together 4g of 2:1:1 BCAAs, betaine, glutamine, citrulline, l-alanine and taurine. While the big reveal does bring six new products closer to reality with unfortunately no official launch date set. In true 4D fashion the brand have previewed another new item, their 12th white label individual Tribulus 800. One we can only assume will follow suit and feature it’s title ingredient at 800mg, and arrive soon after the other six unreleased supplements hit shelves.

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