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All American EFX reveal yet another, Amino EFP in line with Freak Maker

All American EFX reveal their upcoming BCAA Amino EFP

The latest company to join the trending amino acid category however late they may be is All American EFX, with their BCAA supplement Amino EFP. The product has come following the announcement of plenty new releases on the way from the brand, as well as the unveiling of their mass protein Freak Maker Build. Of course like Freak Maker, All American have confirmed very little about Amino EFP, listing just one or two highlights. Basically the supplement is set to feature the usual 2:1:1 ratio of BCAAs, although the brand do have them listed as ‘enzymatically fermented BCAAs (vegetable source)’. According to All American, they have included the unique type based on the fact that it ‘may increase nutrient uptake’. The keyword there being ‘may’, confirming the product’s only real highlight revealed so far as not 100% reliable. Rounding out the update the brand have posted the product with a launch time frame of coming soon. The same time frame teased for Freak Maker, possibly putting them both on shelves sometime in the next few months.

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