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Updated Razor8 not up to scratch, review of AllMax Nutrition’s sequel pre-workout

Review of AllMax Nutrition's updated pre-workout Razor8

Whether or not you were a fan of AllMax Nutrition’s original Razor8, the supplement’s sequel definitely caught the attention of a few. The reformulated product was revealed the week of the Arnold Classic, then went on to hit shelves a little over two weeks later. There were some people not overly interested in the supplement, however it had enough to capture our interest, and with a relatively cheap 30 serving tub for $24, we threw it in our cart. Now today after running Razor8 more than a few times and gauging it against a few other pre-workouts, we have a full experience review of AllMax’s updated energizing formula.

One of the main reasons we grabbed the new and presumed to be improved Razor8, was it’s powerful looking range of ingredients. The transparently dosed product packs a lot of popular features with things like the SuperPump 3.0 debuted Nitrosigine, higenamine, yohimbine, HydroMax glycerol powder and agmatine sulfate. There are quite a lot of other ingredients in the supplement, however right from the first serving we realized this is one of those products that looks a lot better on paper.

Like a lot of pre-workouts Razor8 has that kick, where a supplement’s effects start moving in over 10 to 20 minutes, giving you that sudden jump in energy and ready to go feeling. AllMax’s sequel formula is in no way short of that early hit, although when you do actually start your workout and get through a fair amount of sets. It becomes quite clear that the usual increase in performance, that in most pre-workouts comes in combination with the uplifting energy, is not present in Razor8. The product leaves you with somewhat of a simple high and a very disappointing straightforward kick. Where you usually head right into a set with all systems go and the reps about to flow, AllMax’s sequel supplement does give you the sense that you’re all go. Up until the point where you do that first or second rep, and your superhuman sensation disappears as you don’t perform anywhere near as good as you feel.

Of all the effects competitive pre-workouts offer these days, AllMax’s effort unfortunately only comes through in the one area of energy. There is no increase in pump, intensity or as mentioned performance, it is simply just an energizing hit. With that said, Razor8’s one highlight isn’t to be taken lightly. While it may be lonely, it definitely makes a showing delivering a memorable performance combining a solid shot of energy, enough to power a 45 or 60 minute workout. A surprising hint of mood enhancement, and a tiny bit of focus that you probably could pass off as your own. The best word to describe the whole Razor8 experience would be uplifting, as it’s feel good factor plays off the highlighted energy. Making it a great solution if you’re looking for something to pick you up, although not so much if you’re looking for anything more than that.

On most occasions when we review a supplement and it doesn’t perform, we aren’t bothered too much. AllMax’s Razor8 on the other hand we actually had a bit of faith in, so it’s rather disappointing seeing it come out like this. The pre-workout does have it’s single strong point with energy, it’s just unfortunate that’s where it ends. The one effect is quite a bit different, however as we have said many times before. In the pre-workout category it is no longer about whether a product is effective or not, but about how effective it is. The caliber of competition in the division has come a long way, especially in the past year or two seeing a lot of unique and creative formulas. While AllMax’s updated Razor8 does work and may get the job done, it is irrelevant compared others that are available.

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