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Pre-workout sequel with just one more ingredient, ALR Industries N’Gorge NOS Extreme moves menu to three

ALR Industries announce their pre-workout sequel N'Gorge NOS Extreme

ALR Industries, makers of the popular protein for humans Humapro. Have come out with a sequel to their pre-workout supplement N’Gorge NOS. The brand have appropriately titled their follow up energizer N’Gorge NOS Extreme, although compared to the original. ALR don’t appear to have gone extreme with the update, adding just one more ingredient. The product’s main proprietary blend has remained the same weight at 9g, listing the same 11 features, in the exact same order. As for the new ingredient it is isopropylnorsynephrine, slotted in second to last in the supplement’s contents list right behind Piperine. Whether or not the new feature justifies the addition of Extreme to the N’Gorge NOS name, is something only a sample will tell. Although ALR fans do have the added bonus of three flavors to choose from with the sequel pre-workout. As blue raspberry lemonade and lemon drop have both been carried over from N’Gorge NOS, and joined by pineapple popsicle.

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