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BCAA set to finish what Diablo started, ANS expected to raise the bar for yet another category

ANS Performance next supplement expected to be a BCAA

Late last year after the reveal of our #1 pre-workout’s two new 30 serving flavors, peach mango twist and wicked watermelon. ANS Performance confirmed three types of supplements that were in the works. The brand didn’t give up any names or details for any of the products. However we do now know that the weight loss formula ANS were referring to was in fact our #1 flavored fat burner Diablo, and the creatine mentioned is the more recently released CreXcel. For those that can’t remember back that far, the third kind of supplement ANS acknowledged was a BCAA. While we are still short on details for the product with questions about it’s contents and form. If all goes as expected, the promised BCAA will be the next formula from ANS. Unfortunately as well as knowing absolutely nothing about the supplement, we know even less about when it is due to arrive. That being said we do enjoy seeing bars raised, and just knowing that the minds behind Ritual and Diablo are at work on a BCAA. We can’t help but be a little excited for what’s in store for the increasingly competitive category.

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