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Muscle Pharm make it three for mass protein, previewed 8lb Arnold Iron Mass joined by 10lb

Muscle Pharm looking to do both an 8 and 10lb Arnold Series Iron Mass

A few months back Muscle Pharm told us about an 8lb bagged variant of their Arnold Schwarzenegger Series supplement Iron Mass. Along with the news also came the confirmation of a third flavor for the mass protein formula with chocolate and vanilla malt being joined by banana. As it turns out, a second volume is not the only option in terms of size coming to Iron Mass. The athlete’s company have announced that their recently previewed bagged weight gainer is in fact a 10lb. While that does make it seem like our promised 8lb may have been a mistake, believe it or not Muscle Pharm are actually looking to do both. Initially it didn’t make much sense to us. However there is the chance that the 8 and 10lb are designed for different markets, with the possibility of one going stateside and the other international. Alternatively the brand could try and make both variants work here in America. But with roughly 10 servings separating the two, and the same three flavors available for each side. We can’t imagine how that works out to be worthwhile.

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