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Build-your-own bundles of Cellucor Alpha Amino at

They did it for their pre-workout C4 Extreme and ten of it’s tastes, and now Cellucor have done it for their Chrome Series amino formula, Alpha Amino. The brand have put together with more build-your-own 30 and 60 serving bundles, although this time around with as mentioned Alpha Amino. Like the C4 release, the packs give you the chance to mix and match your flavors making up your 30 or 60 servings with six or 12 different five serving bags. It avoids that awkward moment of purchasing a full size tub and getting stuck with a taste you may not like. While the idea is good, it’s not as handy as the build-your-bundles for C4, seeing as Alpha Amino only has four flavors on it’s menu. Variety aside if you are interested in grabbing one of the packs, whether it be to find out which one is your favorite or just to switch things up. is the only place listing the mix and match stacks with six five serving bags valued at $29.99 and 12 at $49.99.

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