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Cellucor make it 12 for their #1 protein powder, Cor Whey gets chocolate raspberry truffle

Cellucor make it 12 for the Cor Whey with chocolate raspberry truffle

Last time we checked in with Cellucor they confirmed the coming of an 11th flavor for Cor Whey, an exclusive set to hit the popular The brand have now not only revealed a 12th taste for the People’s Protein, but made it immediately available. The name of the flavor is chocolate raspberry truffle, yet another unique effort from Cellucor. And like all Cor Whey’s other options added since it launched, it is only available in the smaller tub, the 26 to 28 serving 2lb. Of course being that it is a new variant, and out of Cellucor’s last five Cor Whey additions, four have gone to and one to GNC. Chocolate raspberry is indeed an exclusive, and one looking to be bring balance with it’s reselling rights going to GNC. While the 12th Cor Whey has yet to hit the shelves of it’s retailer, as mentioned Cellucor have already uploaded to their own website with a price of $39.99.

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