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Cellucor ready to release yet another exclusive, Cor Whey s’mores set for

Cellucor confirmed 11th Cor Whey s'mores exclusive to

Late last week we pointed out the two new flavors Cellucor had listed on their website for the People’s Protein Cor Performance Whey. The duo were s’mores and chocolate chip cookie dough, with the latter launched five days later, earlier this week on Tuesday. Cellucor have now released an announcement on the topic of the other one of the two tastes, s’mores. Saying that the supplement’s 11th overall flavor is going to see Cor Whey with yet another exclusive at While it does mean that of all the 2lbs introduced since Cellucor launched their product, 80% of them have gone to The numbers do actually make the GNC exclusive chocolate chip cookie dough a little more desirable. At this point in time we don’t have exact release date for Cor Whey s’mores, however Cellucor don’t seem to be messing around with these new tastes. So definitely be on the look out at as the supplement’s new flavor probably isn’t far away.

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