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Third wave of Cannibals now available, Chaos and Pain’s latest hit Supplement Central

Chaos and Pain's third wave of supplements hit Supplement Central

While Chaos and Pain’s pre-orders are not set to be shipped until May the 27th. The brand’s third wave of products has hit the store you can always count on getting things first, Supplement Central. The online retailer have now got in stock and ready to ship the updated pump pre-workout, Cannibal Permaswole. As well as the three entirely new supplements, Cannibal Alpha, Cannibal Claw and the most unique one of the bunch Cannibal Da Vinci. In the area of price, the three new formulas have all been set at $31.99 each. Quite a bit cheaper than direct from Chaos and Pain, even with our 15% off ‘stack3d‘ coupon code. As for Permaswole, Supp Central have it valued the other way around at $34.99, a dollar more than Chaos and Pain’s discounted pre-order price. Regardless of where you go, the up and coming brand tend to keep their products around the same in most places. However if there is a store who could put on an introductory sale, better than the 15% off deal. It would be Nutraplanet, who should be getting the third wave of supplements very soon.

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