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Third wave of Cannibals available for pre-order, save 15% on new Chaos and Pain supplements

Chaos and Pain's third wave of supplements available for pre-order

As promised Chaos and Pain have launched their third wave of supplements or at least put them up for pre-order. With the reformulated pump pre-workout Cannibal Permaswole, and the three entirely new products. The testosterone booster Cannibal Alpha, thyroid fat burner Cannibal Claw, and the one of a kind nootropic Cannibal Da Vinci. While the brand’s 5th, 6th and 7th supplements are all listed with the same consistent price of $39.99, Chaos and Pain have in fact put together a voucher just for Stack3d readers. The coupon code is ‘stack3d’ which gives you a strong 15% off, dropping the items to around the same price as they are likely to show up with in stores. In total the voucher will save you about $6 per product, with the only additional cost on top of the supplements being shipping. It is worth pointing out that Chaos and Pain won’t be sending orders out of the new products until May the 27th. So if need be you can put off your order, although be sure to make good use of the coupon ‘stack3d‘.

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