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Breast cancer awareness exclusive reintroduced, S’mores Low Carb Isopure now at

Nature's Best give the previously GNC exclusive s'mores Isopure to

Last year Nature’s Best released an exclusive flavor of their Low Carb Isopure through GNC, as a special edition variant in support of breast cancer awareness month. The s’mores supplement was suitably labeled pink, with the usual silver gray tub, and stamped limited edition. The brand behind the widely known protein series has now reintroduced that flavor, and made it an exclusive to The variant is currently listed on the online retailer’s website, without of course the breast cancer awareness theme. Everything outside the look does appear to have been carried over, with the same 3lb tub size and consistent price with other Isopure Low Carb flavors of the same size. If you are interested head on over to, although keep in mind the store’s only 3lb exclusive is not involved in any of the product’s current promotions. Which will mean if you go for s’mores, you will be missing out on a half serving Javapro sample.

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