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The rise and fall of MAN’s concentrated protein, highly respected Pure PF3 due to be discontinued

Yesterday some rather unfortunate news surfaced around MAN Sport’s 2013 breakout product, the protein replacement Pure PF3. In a video posted by the one and only Marc Lobliner, it has been confirmed that the concentrated protein is going to be dropped from stores. According to Lobliner, the company behind the key feature in Pure PF3 have decided to take away use of the ingredient from the supplement market altogether. Basically it means without a prescription you won’t be able to get your hands on it, or any product containing it. While the news is no doubt upsetting for Pure PF3 addicts, more so for all MAN’s 1%ers. What’s even worse is that we have no idea how many bottles the brand have left, and seeing as the supplement doesn’t look like it needs to be cleared out urgently. We aren’t likely to see any specials or sales for Pure PF3.

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