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The real multi-purpose formula AmiN.O. Flow, Muscle Elements one of a kind amino reviewed

Review of Muscle Elements true multi-purpose AmiN.O. Flow

Muscle Elements is one of the brands we previewed leading up to the Olympia Expo, back in September 2013. After running into some trouble, the team were not able to make their debut at the big event, putting their launch on somewhat of a hold. While it has been well over half a year since the drama went down, Muscle Elements are back, and just in time for their return we have a review of their amino formula AmiN.O. Flow. The supplement is one of the orange and white brand’s original products, fourth overall, and as previously hinted. It is a solid supplement and one that would be in an extremely strong position today if it’s release wasn’t delayed.

Looking at the contents of Muscle Element’s AmiN.O. Flow you will notice that the product has a little more than your average combination of BCAAs and EAAs. The supplement actually combines a 3:1:2 BCAA blend with a hydration and endurance complex, as well as a pump and transport system. While each scoop does deliver a strong dose of BCAAs, in a 6g proprietary mixed with taurine, 5g of that BCAAs. It is all the other features that truly separate AmiN.O. Flow from the rest of the field. The product does list similar highlights and multi-window options like a lot of it’s competitors. However it is all those additional ingredients that allow the supplement to perform like a true multi-purpose formula. Offering positive effects that branch out into all areas of the product, making AmiN.O. Flow both a ranged and unique experience.

When taken as a pre-workout AmiN.O. Flow comes in as possibly one of the best stimulant free amino formulas we’ve come across. Not only does it deliver a high 5g dose of BCAAs, which will no doubt please a lot of people especially BCAA users. But it also gives you a lift that even beats out some of the more average pre-workouts on the market. The supplement offers a feel good effect, that doesn’t exactly perform or give you a kick like caffeine. It is more of a subtle push, that basically gets you in the mood to workout, re-energizes the body, and will have no trouble taking on the responsibilities of a pre-workout. There is a dash of focus, although we do believe it is more of an increase in alertness that comes with the subtle, yet very noticeable mind and body awakening.

The second area we used Muscle Elements AmiN.O. Flow, and the window where it truly excels is post-workout. Now based on it’s performance pre-workout you can only imagine how effective the product is after you have worked yourself to death. As you would expect the supplement picks you up within about five minutes after throwing it back, and just as it does before you start a workout. It lifts you to a point where you feel replenished, re-energized and revitalized. It takes away a lot of the muscle soreness you worked for and earned during your workout, and basically replaces it with a fulfilling feeling. The product has such a strong and immediate recovery effect. It does almost have you believing that you didn’t actually workout, and that you’re ready to go another round.

While AmiN.O. Flow basically delivers on it’s promise of a two in one supplement, one being stimulant free pre-workout, and the other a powerful post-workout BCAA. The product’s balance of ingredients is the icing on the cake. Unlike a lot of other aminos out there that feature things like beta-alanine or in some cases caffeine, at doses that sometimes limit your amount of servings. Muscle Elements have used ingredients outside of BCAAs and kept them at reasonable amounts. For example one scoop of AmiN.O. Flow will get you 5g of BCAAs, with 500mg of agmatine sulfate and 2g citrulline. The formula leaves you open to take down between two to the recommended day time maximum of four scoops. Making Muscle Elements amino effort, quite possibly the only complex supplement in the category designed with enough freedom to deliver up to 20g of BCAAs.

All in all AmiN.O. Flow is definitely one of the better, if not the best amino cocktail we’ve actually had come through here. It does offer a lot of effects similar to other competitors, all at levels that also like some of it’s competitors can’t get any better. However what puts it over the top is it’s aggressive implementation of use as a stimulant free pre-workout. We’ve seen plenty of amino products that promote themselves with that highlight, but their balance is always off. Most of the brands usually have their attention on the supplement being a top quality amino, and the pre-workout effect as a bonus. Muscle Elements appear to have put together AmiN.O. Flow with their attention on both aspects, and in no way cutting any corners with the quality BCAA contents and combination. The product really bridges a gap no other formula we feel has been successful with. Resulting in a one of a kind multi-purpose amino, that offers experiences you won’t find in any other supplement.

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