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Moore Muscle’s third for the year, unreleased Test Elite followed by Moore Joint

Moore Muscle confirm another new supplement with Moore Joint

As promised Moore Muscle have been bringing it lately, doing exactly what they said they would dropping a whole lot of new supplements. First it was Moore Growth then Moore Test Elite, and now we have Moore Joint. While the brand have still yet to release Moore Test, Moore Joint is expected to be arriving soon after the muscle building formula, hitting as most would have assumed the joint support category. In terms of contents the product calls on all the regulars with 1.5g of glucosamine, 1g of MSM, 200mg of chondroitin and tumeric, and 60mg of vitamin C. Moore joint delivers it five feature blend in a four capsule serving, with each bottle carrying the usual, 30 serving full months supply. Moore Muscle have not set an official launch date or week for Moore Joint, although after seeing Growth take about a month and Test Elite looking to do the same. We may not be getting the joint support formula until sometime next month.

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