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Supp Central first out with bagged Combat, Muscle Pharm’s new 10lber now available

Muscle Pharm's 10lb Combat bag hits Supplement Central

Rounding out a week that has actually seen Muscle Pharm featured everyday but Monday, with updates seeing new supplements, flavors and sizes. We have got one more bit of news for the athlete’s company before we close out the week. The development is the launch of the brand’s two and a half times bigger 10lb bag of Combat. The product has officially been released surfacing at the one store that always seems to get in first, Supplement Central. Initially when the third, or fourth overall Combat volume was revealed, a saving of 10% per serving was expected. That number does appear to be spot on as, or at least a fraction over at Supp Central, as the store lists Muscle Pharm’s 10lb Combat at $122.95. While that may seem a bit expensive compared to most, it is worth mentioning the retailer’s regular 2lb price is $33.95 and 4lb $54.95.

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