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Muscle Pharm drop more from their website, CLA Core and Battle Fuel XT missing

Muscle Pharm remove CLA Core and Battle Fuel from their website

Last time we spotted a supplement missing from Muscle Pharm’s website with the disappearance of the Core Series Casein. The athlete’s company later revealed a sequel of sorts with the Combat variant Combat 100% Casein. The brand have now taken down two more supplements, another Core formula CLA Core, and believe it or not the Hybrid Series muscle builder Battle Fuel XT. Just like last time, Muscle Pharm have not released any kind of announcement explaining why the products have been dropped. However on this occasion we are a little more curious. While the loss of Core Casein more than suggested that an alternate formula was on the way. We are having a hard imagining what CLA and Battle Fuel are going to be replaced by, if they have in fact been discontinued.

Update: Muscle Pharm have put Battle Fuel XT back on their website.

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