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Core Casein’s possible replacement confirmed, Muscle Pharm reveal Combat 100% Casein

Muscle Pharm Combat 100% Casein expected to replace Core Casein

While we may have seen a lot of exciting updates from Muscle Pharm lately, with the confirmation of a number of new variants. As well as the recent reveal of a bagged Combat Protein Powder. There was one thing that seemed a bit odd, or at least to us, and that was the removal of the Core Series Casein from the brand’s website. No stores appear to be out of stock or listing the product as discontinued, however they may in fact be very soon. It turns out Muscle Pharm are looking to release another casein formula through their Hybrid Series titled, Combat 100% Casein. The supplement features a relatively straightforward list of contents with 28g of protein, 2g of carbohydrates (1g sugar, 1g fiber), 1g of fat, and 110 calories per 34g serving. The same flavors have been carried across from Core Casein, chocolate, vanilla and cookies, although instead of just the one 3lb tub. Muscle Pharm have given Combat Casein two, with a 2lb and 53 serving 4lb. There is no word on when the new product will become available, however based on the name alone, we do feel the brand could be setting up a Combat series.

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