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Muscletech reveal two more for GNC line, SX-7 Hydroxycut powder & 100% Isolate confirmed

Muscletech SX-7 Hydroxycut drink mix and SX-7 100% isolate protein

After seeing Muscletech’s SX-7 Hydroxycuts become a fully fledged line with the addition of #Shatter and the Clear Muscle and Peak combination, the Muscle Stack. We were immediately curious about what else is on the way. As it turns out the brand bringing it more than anyone else at this stage of the year, do have two more items lined up. The first is a powder variant of the original SX-7 product Hydroxycut. Seeing every ingredient and dose kept the same except for the green coffee blend, which has been dropped for just 200mg of green coffee bean (45% chlorogenic acids). The second supplement carries a rather long title, Hydroxycut SX-7 100% Isolate Protein plus Weight Loss. While we only have the name to go off for the seventh SX-7 formula, we feel the product is going to be just as it’s title describes. A 100% whey isolate protein, with a few non-stimulants thrown in to make it a fat burning experience. At this point fruit punch and blue raspberry Hydroxycut SX-7, and 100% Isolate are a listed as coming soon. Although like the other SX-7 supplements we do know where they will launch, with GNC being the place to watch.

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