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Olympia previewed brand back with one extra, Muscle Elements ready to make up for lost time

Muscle Elements back after Olympia Expo no show

The story of Muscle Elements dates back to about a month before last year’s Olympia. The brand were set to launch themselves alongside the best in the business. Unfortunately despite their release of information and build up to the expo, a day or so out from the event some legal issues kept them from making their debut. Since then the brand have remained relatively under wraps, with very few words spoken and even less communication. Starting this week however, Muscle Elements are back in the game and looking to make up for all the lost time. While we wouldn’t be too bothered about a delay in launch for most brands, when we were introduced to Muscle Elements late last year. We were also shown and given samples of their pre-workout PreCre and interesting amino formula AmiNO Flow. At the moment we are still working with PreCre, and as for AmiNO Flow without ruining it’s upcoming review. We have to say it is a very well packed supplement that follows through on it’s good looking formula, and does not disappoint. Up until we have been holding back reviews and mentions of Muscle Elements, although now that the brand have returned, be on the look out. If you are after more information on Muscle Elements, their website is back up and running. A place where you can also see the previously previewed fat burner 212°, as well as a fourth product, the stimulant free weight loss formula LeanWorks.

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