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120 count CLA Core pops up with Shred Matrix, Muscle Pharm’s new two piece Fat Loss Stack

Muscle Pharm's two product Fat Loss Stack of Shred Matrix and CLA Core

As the mystery of Muscle Pharm’s CLA Core website disappearance continues, the conjugated linoleic acid supplement has actually popped up somewhere else. One of the early additions to the brand’s basic Core Series has appeared in a new specially packed box set, simply called the Fat Loss Stack. The two part package features the mysterious CLA Core, and Muscle Pharm’s longtime flagship fat burner, Shred Matrix. While the partnering of the two products is more than suitable, there is something else that stands out with the Fat Loss Stack outside of it’s inclusion of CLA Core. As it turns out not only have the brand included the supplement that has still yet to be put back online, but they have included it in a 120 softgel size. Up until now the individual has only ever been a 90 and 180 count product, with the Fat Loss volume meeting the two somewhere in between. Unfortunately there is no word on when or where Muscle Pharm’s new dynamic duo will be launching. Although based on it’s appearance we wouldn’t be surprised if it surfaces as someone or somewhere’s exclusive.

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