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Beef protein snack too close to real chocolate, review of both MuscleMeds Carnivor Bars

Review of MuscleMeds well put together Carnivor Bars

Looking at all their new releases this year, most of MuscleMeds effort seems to have gone to their signature supplement Carnivor. The brand introduced the Raging Bull Series, Carnivor Bars, as well as four new tastes for the previously five flavor Carnivor protein powder. We are definitely interested in putting the caffeinated Raging Bull variants to the test, however for today we are going to go over the awesomely delicious Carnivor Bars. On most occasions it is almost impossible to get a protein bar wrong, so the argument always ends up being just how good it tastes. As for MuscleMeds soft baked snack, we can only hope our review gets the message across.

There are in fact two flavors of MuscleMed’s Carnivor Bar, cookies & cream and chocolate peanut butter. The first one we are going to go into detail about is cookies, possibly the lesser title tasting flavor of the two. The actual cookies & cream portion of the bar is visible, hidden away in the top layer of the high protein treat. It is unfortunately quite small, something is reflected in the overall experience of the variant, seeing only a hint of cookies or cream in each bite. That being said, the chocolate coating and chocolate stacked base is far too much of a delight to be disappointed in the cookies & cream, or chocolate peanut butter for that matter. The bottom section is a thick fudge like layer, which alone puts MuscleMed’s Carnivor Bar above most in it’s category. The product does actually end up going beyond it’s competition, due to it’s top segment. Combining that delicate dash of cookies and cream with a semi hard chocolate outer, and promised soft baked texture. The result is a memorable mixture of a dense fudge, that welcomes the absorption of the caved in top section and it’s creamy chocolate and cookie blend.

The second Carnivor Bar flavor is chocolate peanut butter. Which as mentioned is very similar to the cookies variant, just influenced a little more by it’s title taste. The option basically features the same fudge brownie base, semi hard chocolate coating, but instead of cookies and cream. It replaces the cookie pieces with almost unnoticeable chocolate bits, and drops the more dominant of the two flavors for a more influential peanut butter. Altogether the experience is somewhat identical, with the only real difference outside of the named tastes. Being the moment when the soft top layer mixes in with the fun fudge base. You will lose a fraction of the bottom’s heavy chocolate slab, as the slightly sweeter peanut butter wins out.

Honestly, we could go in to the twists and turns of the MuscleMeds bar over and over. It’s combination of pure chocolate like flavoring and candy bar resemblance, create a very difficult sensation to describe. If it didn’t have it’s wrapper, name or supplement association, you could easily confuse the Carnivor snack with your average chocolate bar. To get the full experience and truly understand the product, you need to just purchase a box, one of each if need be. It’s even more recommended if you are not a fan of the traditional protein bar taste, with that sometimes thick, dry and uncomfortable consistency. MuscleMeds really do come through in that area, as not only does the Carnivor Bar separate itself from it’s competition with that fulfilling soft top. But it’s highlighted smooth mixing of dense fudge and title tastes, take it even further away from others out there and make it feel like a real cheat meal.

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