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15th Performance Series supplement released, Muscletech’s stimulant free Hydroxycut Elite

Muscletech reveal and release Non-Stimulant Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite

Despite already having a lot on the way with roughly half their Essential Series still to come. Muscletech have been adding to their complex line of supplements, the Performance Series. We recently saw the brand introduce a 10lb Phase8, as well as a second flavor for their Hydroxycut Elite Powder. The latest development coming out of Muscletech is quite a bit different, with somewhat of a new product. While it may be officially titled Non-Stimulant Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite. The stimulant free fat burner has very little in common with Muscletech’s stimulant powered Hydroxycut Elite. The only ingredients in fact it does have in common are green coffee and theanine, at the exact same doses of 200 and 100mg. The other features the brand have included to help deliver the supplement’s stim-free weight loss results are carnitine l-tartrate at 500mg, kudzu extract at 150mg, longan extract at 50mg, astragalus at 25mg, grains of paradise at 15mg and cayenne pepper at 5mg. Each of those doses is based on Non-Stimulant Hydroxycut’s two capsule serving, with 50 per 100 capsule bottle. On most occasions a new Muscletech product takes a while before hitting shelves, however this time around the brand have already launched the supplement. With Non-Stimulant Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite already on sale at, for the same price as the caffeinated version at $37.98.

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