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Supersize Phase8 20% more cost effective, Muscletech add to their popular protein powder

Muscletech produce a 10lb bag for their popular protein Phase8

Muscletech may already have a lot going on with the launch of their Essential Series, and the upcoming muscle builder Clear Muscle. However the brand have still managed to find time to put together something for one of their wave two Performance Series supplements. The attention has gone to Muscletech’s popular protein powder Phase8, with a new more cost effective volume. When the product was originally released it hit shelves in two sizes, 2 and 4.4lb tubs, which have now been joined by a massive 10lb bag. So far the super value variant has only been spotted in milk chocolate. Although seeing as the 108 serving supplement saves you about 40% compared to the 2lb, and roughly 20% against the 4.4lb. We feel Muscletech fans may not have an issue with the current one man menu. At the moment not every store is listing the 10lb Phase8, but if it is something you need right away. Mass Nutrition and Get Ripped Nutrition are the places you want to visit, both listing the product for around $81.

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