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Third D-Fine8 variant all natural, Musclewerks go capsule and stick with weight loss

Musclewerks reveal their first capsule formula and an all natural D-Fine8

Musclewerks the brand behind D-Fine8 and it’s massive range of flavors, have revealed two new supplements set to double the amount of products in their line. Currently Musclewerks fans have two to choose from, D-Fine8 and a sugar free variant of D-Fine8, D-Fine8 Zero. The two new supplements joining those two are DeTrim and another D-Fine8 alternative, D-Fine8 KeTrim Natural. The latter almost explains itself in it’s title, being an all natural spin off promoting new ingredients such as garcinia cambogia, raspberry ketones and green coffee bean, as well as natural caffeine. Unlike the other D-Fine8s Musclewerks KeTrim Natural has only five flavors to choose from, lemon, orange, fruit punch, grape and raspberry. As for the second new product DeTrim, it is the brand’s first capsule effort, one that remains within their signature weight loss category. Unfortunately despite staying within Musclewerks favorite category, DeTrim doesn’t appear to be overly innovative. Listing just three features, dendrobium, garcinia cambogia and caffeine. To make things worse, each ingredient’s dose has been hidden behind a proprietary blend weighing in at 1.13g per two capsule serving. Usually we would say check out the brand’s website for more information. However on this occasion Musclewerks have very little listed online, making your local stockist the best way to see the supplements up close.

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