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Muscle Werks go with just 2 flavors for their stick pack D-Fine8 Zero

Muscle Werks D-Fine8 Zero stick packs

While it doesn’t seem like the latest from Australia’s Muscle Werks is overly new, their on-the-go solution is definitely a recent release that we’ve just come across. Basically the brand have taken their sugar free flavored fat burner D-Fine8 Zero, which usually comes in 60 serving tubs, and turned it into a 20 serving stick pack box. The more convenient solution gives Muscle Werks fans the chance to carry with them half a scoop in stick pack form, as opposed to carting around an entire tub. There is of course a downside and that is the on-the-go version has a significantly smaller menu. The regular D-Fine8 Zero actually comes in a total 15 different flavors including unique options such as super berry smoothie, bada bing cherry and redberry burst. As for the stick pack tastes, Muscle Werks have produced just 2 out of the 15 going with lemon twist and grape. Some of the brand’s stockists are already promoting the 20 serving D-Fine8 Zero boxes down under, as well as Muscle Werk’s own website where you can get a box for $34.99 or two for $54.99.

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