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NLA keep their focus on For Her range, third Uplift flavor guava passion coming soon

NLA For Her introduce guava passion for their pre-workout Uplift

NLA seem to be keeping their attention fixed on their female line of supplements, with yet another update going to one of their current products. We recently saw NLA For Her’s Amino get a second flavor in watermelon, launching as an exclusive to The brand have now confirmed a third flavor for their pre-workout Uplift, with cherry limeade and raspberry lemonade welcoming in guava passion. Unlike the last new variant from NLA For Her, guava passion does not appear to be exclusive. Although there is the possibility of that status changing between now and when it arrives. Unfortunately the supplement’s current launch time frame is ‘coming soon’, but if you do want to try and win it before it is released. NLA For Her are giving away a bottle of guava passion Uplift tomorrow through Instagram.

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